Thirty Eight is Looking Great

I keep going to write 28, but it's 38. Levi is 38. How did that happen? I imagine this is how I'm going to feel for the rest of my life. Nothing about life right now makes me feel old. I equate old with quiet and paced and leisurely. We on the other hand are right in the thick of it. Children and work and fun and falling in bed at the end of the day, only to wake up and do it all over again. 

Big as a Whale { Quill 9 Months }

This treasure of ours is 9 months old. What a 9 months! It feels short and long all at the same time. But what is for sure is that this little man it's growing bigger and more capable one day to the next. The last 6 months has seen him progressing at an incredible rate. He says dadda and bye (not mumma yet). He loves munching on basically anything and is trying all sorts of solids and loving them that I can't say he even really has a favourite, maybe anything he can feed himself. We do know that he hates banana, much to my dismay as it's the best on the go food, but maybe he will come around one day. He is by far the biggest of the three kids, we think Uncle Edward may have a contender in height and food consumption one day! 

Family of Mine

Country life is definitely slower. There's still all the regular things, but the pace has felt calm and it's made for some moments to catch our breath and just be. I like that I've had moments to reflect on life, our journey and where we are headed together. It's a gift really to have the space in my mind to ponder the important things and nothing is more important than this family of mine. 

Party like a Unicorn

The day finally came and not a moment too soon for our little girl who had been dreaming of her party for months. Primrose had seven little friends come to share in her magical unicorn birthday party, complete with 'unicorn for a day', Shetland pony Porridge from across the road. Miss Rose had her dress, her pony, her friends and was ready to party.

Miss Prim Turns Four

I love watching this girl grow. But every birthday I want to time travel and visit with her at every age and stage since I first held her as a tiny baby in my arms. The petite and inquisitive little baby, the one year old who melted hearts, the two year old who made us laugh, the three year old who turned into a little lady. She has been so lovely and such a joy at every stage and I'm so grateful those memories of her are mine to hold in my heart and she is mine to hold in my arms always. 

Hop to it Little Bunnies

Oh Easter, how I love you. You're the best holiday. We are used to Easter being in Spring now (sort of), well at least being able to get tulips for the table. I was a little stumped when there wasn't any at the store and then I had a 'where am I moment?' and settled for roses instead. What was cool was that despite it being fall I was able to make a little posy from my garden and we were able to have the Easter hunt outside which was just perfect. 

A Trip on the Train { Easter School Holidays }

Bungendore is lucky enough to have it's own historic train station, which still has trains run through it travelling from Sydney to Canberra and return. Four trains a day pass through and it has been a point of excitement for the kids who ask it we can ride it every time is passes by. So when the Easter holidays arrived and Grandma and Grandpa were visiting we decided to take the train in and meet Levi for afternoon tea in the park.