The Ordinary Princess - By M.M. Kaye

My first review is for 'The Ordinary Princess' By M.M. Kaye. I noticed the title of this book on another blog and without reading the review borrowed it from the local library only to find, much to my delight it was a children's book. An absolutely gorgeous one at that.

Amy the 7th daughter of the King and Queen was all that a little princess should be until at her christening her fairy godmother gifts her with being ordinary. She grows to prove she is exactly that, with straight brown hair, freckles and a turned up nose! Despite the rare thought that she would like to be as beautiful as her sisters, early on she discovers the benefits of being ordinary. As the book progresses her ordinariness becomes key to her happiness.

I just loved this book, it took me back to all of my childhood insecurities and washed them away with one clean sweep. Written for her grandaughter you could see that M.M. Kaye was trying to convey a powerful principle within a beautiful fairytale - that being happy with who you are is the surest way to find happiness in life.

Rating: 5 Stars

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