Fridays with Finley {31st August 2012}

Dearest Family, 

We've had a busy few weeks with our little Fin Fin. He went to his first birthday party and had lots of fun staring at the birthday girl Maya and went to his first carnival where he patted a little horse. The carnival was great fun and we actually won first place in the apple pie competition! Really it was Levi's win as he put great effort into making and decorating the delicious pie, I can only claim having peeled the apples - an important and vital part of the pie I might add! 

Finley has found his feet and his voice this week. He has loved exploring his little feet and find great pleasure in kicking them about above his face. He is also making all sorts of interesting noises and a day in the Catton household is filled with back and forth sound making between mummy and Finley. 

We've also had a few challenges this week as we think Finley is starting to teethe. It's not great fun for him or us, he really struggled to sleep and had a high fever but seems to be okay now. I suppose we will experience the same thing on and off for the next year or so. As always though he is a little treasure and always ends up giving us a little smile no matter what is happening. 

We hope you are all doing well, we love each of you

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