Fridays with Finley {14th September 2012}

Dear Family, 

Our little boy is growing up far too fast! He turned 5 months yesterday and it became certain that he is teething with the advent of two little teeth popping up through his gums. Not much fun for Finley or mummy. I was secretly hoping he wouldn't get teeth until past a year so I wouldn't have to face being nipped by him, but alas it is not mean't to be! I've tried a few strategies to warn him off but he just looks at me and smiles! You certainly can't get too upset at him with that little face peering up at you. 

He also started to blow raspberries and has some very funny back and forth sessions of it with Daddy. He really loves when Levi comes home from work. His little face lights up and he knows he will have some little adventure, as Levi is always thinking of new ways to entertain him. 

We are also making the transition from the bassinet to the cot at the moment. Sometimes we rock Finley when he is unsettled so the slow process is more about us than it is about him, but he is almost the length of the bassinet so the time has come. He is also starting to fit into some cute nautical clothes we have for him. It's fun to see both Levi and Finley in boat related t-shirts! I love it. 

We hope that you are all doing well. We love you all and wish we could have you here with us.

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