Fridays with Finley {26th October 2012}

Dearest Family, 

Well Finley has reached the halfway mark of his first year of life. We had a little 6 month party and no he did not eat the cake! The sweetest it gets for this boy is pear : ) He is loving his solids and steadily gaining weight, we've made our way through most vegetables and some fruits but pumpkin and pear are definitely his favourites. We've also been practicing sitting up these last few weeks and just this morning he got it. Very exciting! I could see Levi's concentration face right there on Finley as he balanced himself. Finley is a little Levi in many ways already and it's lovely for me to see his reflection in him. 

Probably the most lovely development has been Finley's kisses and cuddles. It's a variation on the tradition but Finley wraps his arms around my neck, pulls my hair towards him, opens his mouth really wide (as in picture two) and plants big, sloppy, kisses/bites on my check. It's perfect. 

I've tried my best to capture a toothy pic, he still only has the two but they are raised now, thankful he has stopped biting me, though he will munch down on anything else, including unsuspecting fingers! 

Levi and I are enjoying life, always busy entertaining at our place and trying to work on projects. Levi's only a few weeks away from having the catamaran sea worthy and I'm in health mode playing tennis, walking and turning our house into a bit of a health haven. We are looking forward to Cairns in just over two weeks and then Christmas - where has the year gone?

Lots of love, 

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