Fridays with Finley {30th November 2012}

Dearest Family, 
We have had an amazing few weeks together. Cairns really was incredible. In addition to witnessing the amazing solar eclipse, there was so much to see and do and thanks to the Ryan families ‘drive’ we managed to pack a lot in. We have some incredible forever memories like scuba diving on the Barrier Reef and swimming with a sea turtle, swimming through the icy cold Milla Milla waterfall, seeing a croc in the wild and doing the scenic Kurranda trip. It was wonderful to spend time together as a family and especially for the cousins to get to know each other. Finley was a little champion, considering how much we did he managed really well and had a few little adventures of his own. He went swimming for the first time in the pool which he really took to and swimming in the ocean on the reef with grandpa who stoically managed the aftermath – not a happy baby! He also saw amazing birds in an enclosure at Kurranda and experienced his first plane ride. 
As Christmas approaches Finley and I are keeping busy. My mothers group has organised a lot of baby related activities  We’ve made hand and foot print ornaments, Christmas babbles and we just had a Christmas photo shoot for the babies. I’ve also been busy sewing some Christmas outfits for Finley, a wreath for our door and Christmas gifts.
Tonight Finley will be baby sat by a sister in our ward. Levi and I are celebrating our anniversary by going to the drive in to the see the new bond movie – we have been looking forward to it for ages. We are up to the traditional gift ‘fruits and flowers’ –I gave Levi a macadamia cracking device and he got me my own dwarf avocado tree – very excited to watch it grow!
We are loving watching Finley grow. He has a top tooth coming through, is rolling this way and that, is almost sitting on his own and very excitingly has said mumma, bubba and Levi claims he has said dadda – but I haven’t heard it yet : ) We love him and I cherish each day I have to spend with him – it’s a true blessing.
Wishing you all a great week.

Fridays with Finley {8th November 2012}

Dearest Family, 

We have had a really busy two weeks full of fun. Last week Finley and I travelled by train to Sydney to attend Tate's storytelling event and spend some time with family and friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my night out at the event but unfortunately Finley didn't approve. My usual sleeping beauty just wouldn't settle for his babysitters which was a first for him - I felt terrible, but the family seemed fine about it thank goodness! We had a great visit in Sydney catching up with friends of mine and their babies as well as some girl time with mum and Courtney. Finley was great on the train and won over all of the other passengers though certainly was most thrilled to see Daddy as his came onto the train to greet us. 

This week we attended my mothers groups Melbourne Cup get together which was lots of fun. It was so cute to see all of the mums and babies dressed up. It was much more about the social aspect and food than the race, we actually almost missed it, so much for the race that stops the nation! 

Finley is a great travel companion and we are hoping that he will be as happy about our upcoming 3 hour flight to Cairns on Saturday. I'm sure the next edition of Fridays with Finley will be packed full of our Cairns adventures. Hope you are all doing well - I would love to hear some of your news.