Fridays with Finley {20th February 2013}

Hi All,
Things have been a bit rough in the Catton household the pass week. Finley and I have been sick which has meant lots of days at home but we have been spending as much time as we can in the backyard soaking up the sun and trying to recover. Levi has done a great job looking after us both, being sick with a sick baby is not fun! It is also not the best timing as we fly out to Perth this Friday morning, hence the early edition, so I am hoping for a speedy recovery for us both.  
The most beautiful part of the past few months with Finley has been watching his little personality evolve. He loves his books and will sit and 'read' by himself numerous times throughout the day. He makes up fun games that entertain him for 5 whole minutes like 'pillow battles' were he pulls a pillow on top of himself and flights with it - this is a personal favourite of mine. He is starting to know exactly what he likes and doesn't - for example he loves lamb, hates chicken, will throw any vegetable aside for a grape and knows that whatever we are eating must be better than what he is. He loves his baths and has figured out that the most fun is to be had kicking his legs up and down for maximum splash, leaving us soaked! He has started to recognise his name when we call it and loves looking at himself in the mirror. He is so precious and such a special little boy.
It is coming up to his first birthday this April and we plan to celebrate with a bbq at our place on the day, Saturday 13th of April from 12 - 3pm. You are all welcome of course and we would love to have you. It is hard to believe that he will be a year old in a month and a half. What a year, it's gone so fast yet it feels like he has been ours forever. : )
Our next email will be full of news from Perth, this trip has been a long time coming and we are excited to catch up with family, people from my mission and enjoy a great, scenic holiday in South WA.
Lots of love from us,


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