Fridays with Finley {26th May 2013}

Hello loved ones, 

Life has been busy around here and I haven't found the time to keep you updated as much as I'd like. This morning it is rainy and cold and I'm taking a break from some sewing projects so thought I'd write. 

Finley is doing great, actually really great. He is learning at a rapid pace and it is so fun to see. He has been learning how to place puzzle pieces, stack wooden rings on a post, sort shapes and make broooommm noises as he plays with his trucks. His favourite activity though is taking out and putting laundry in the basket - what a good helper! Words and sounds are starting to pop out including 'naa naa' for banana and 'no' for most everything : ) We are hearing him explore sounds to himself - ahh, ba, da, na, ma, ta, uhh and his favourite fhhh- we think he might be trying to say Finley. He has also learnt how to propel himself down the slippery dip! He continues to be a great eater with his favourites at the moment being pumpkin soup, banana berry smoothies and bananas. 
Finley had a great time with our friends dog Hugo while he stayed with us. He learnt to bark and say a form of dog during the week. Life is busy and fun in our home with him and we love it. 

This past week we visited Canberra and bought Levi's brother Edward back to stay with us. We had a nice time visiting Canberra. We visited the Carillon where Levi proposed to me and enjoyed eating out at a few places we use to go on dates to. It was freezing! It made me wonder how I ever survived living there for 4 years, anyway we were happy to get back to warmer weather though it hasn't lasted long : ( Winter is upon us.   Edwards visit has been wonderful. It was great to have him with us and Finley loved the company! 
Also check out Finley all ready for his first hair cut in the pictures. 
We hope you are all doing well - would love to hear you news and updates. 
Lots of love from us, 
Jade xo 

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