Fridays with Finley {2nd May 2013}

Morning All,

It's been a little while and so much has happened in Finley's little world. The biggest news of course is that he turned 1! He had a lovely day, beginning with opening presents from Levi and I. We gave him a ride on sheep which he takes very seriously, concentrating very hard whenever he is on it. After his nap he woke to a house full of people who love him and he enjoyed his party crawling around with the other babies and eating, eating and eating. Some friends and I had made lots of baby friendly snacks and he loved them! As we sung him Happy Birthday and he attempted to blow out the candles on him amazing Levi constructed fruit cake, I'm positive he realised that it was all for him. He got a little shy and looked around and starting waving to everyone! What a treasure. It was a wonderful day of love for our little boy.

Finley seemed to change over night as he began his second year. He really looks like a little boy now. Our baby is gone I fear and we cherish the little 'baby' moments we have left. He is crawling up on all fours now and is master of cruising the furniture. He loves books and technology. He goes crazy over our computers and phones - oh no! He has a great sense of humour and is loving to play tickles and cuddles more and more which I love. Favourite foods at the moment and spaghetti bolognaise and grapes, but he is a great eater - we are very lucky on that front.

This past week was a tough one with the emergence of two back teeth. Not nice for him or us. The poor little thing was beyond help at times and we are glad they have come through. We hope we have a little break before the next lot come.

This week we are dog sitting my friends Labrador Hugo - so this week is all about dogs. Dog books, practicing saying dog and barking. We think by the time Hugo goes home, Finley might just have it : )

We hope you are all happy and well,

Lots of love,

Jade xo


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