Fridays with Finley {13th June 2013}

Dearest Family and Friends, 
Finley says hi or hu to you all. We are starting to hear a lot more sounds from him and even some short words. Banana is 'na-na', he can say 'up' for it's intended meaning and we're not completely sure it is  in context but he says something that sounds a lot like 'church'! It is lots of fun hearing him practise sounds over and over. Our little boy is really growing up. 
He's getting pretty cheeky too. The dishwasher is his holy grail and the picture above depicts one morning where he finally made it before mum or dad snatched him up  - he was so proud of himself. He has also discovered the fun of magnets, our house has become his playland now and he goes on large round the house investigations. To my great joy he has become really affectionate too, giving lots of cuddles. 
We have had a difficult few weeks with cold, rain and sickness but we had a few guests to cheer us on. Shae, River and Ava dropped in for a visit on the home stretch of their round Australia trip and were joined by Mum, Dad, Courtney and Tristan to share the long weekend with us. Finley loved the company of kids and we enjoyed fish and chips and a smorgus board of cakes in celebration of Dad's birthday. 
Finley continues to be a joy. We hope you are all well, we'd love to hear your news. 
Love Jade xo