Fridays with Finley {18th July 2013}

Hello everyone! 
Well with the sunshine has come health to our household and life has been looking up! The weather has been beautiful the last few days, almost like summer, so we have been making the most of it playing in the backyard and going to the park. I've seen a vision of us spending our summer days at the beach across the road swimming and playing in the sand - I can't wait. 
Still no walking from our little man, but he has been using his ride on sheep as a zimmer frame which is very cute. Yesterday though he took his first independent steps - sort of. I've been holding his hands and letting go once he has a bit of momentum, which means he takes a few steps but as soon as he realises he has he drops to his knees. It's very funny. He'll get there and I love watching him try. 
He has mastered our back stairs and loves going up and down. But most of all this kid loves laundry. He will sit in our laundry for up to half an hour packing and unpacking the washing machine, turning the knobs and pressing buttons. He is yet to discover how to shut the door though so no actually washing takes place yet...though I'm sure we will move on to that. If this is any sign of the future he will be a great little help around here. 
The big news of the week is our helicopter ride. At the beginning of the year Levi was given a prize for coming 2nd in the 'Quick and Dirty' Boat building comp. He kept it a secret and last Saturday surprised me by driving to the launch pad before telling me what was happening! He gave the ride to me but luck was on our side and there was a space free so they offered it to Levi for $50! Finley was going to be minded by the owner but in the end they told us their kids were practically born in helicopters and that we should take him up. So up he came. Levi and I had an absolute blast, it was one of the most amazing and memorable things I have ever done. We were up for 25 minutes and flew along the coast of Newcastle which is beautiful from the air. What an experience! Finley wasn't such a fan but I'm sure when he is older he will relish in the fact he got to go in a helicopter when he was just 1 year old. 
Life is good. And I hope it is in your part of the world too. Would love to hear your news. 
We love and miss you all,

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