Fridays with Finley {5th July 2013}

Hi All,
It’s been a shocking few weeks in the Catton household – we’ve been plagued by seemingly endless sickness. Finley had three different afflictions all at once, poor little thing but I’m happy to report we are all on the mend. It helps that the sun in finally shining again after weeks of rain. 
 In positive Finley news, we’ve been tracking his height on the chart the QLD Ryans gave us and in the past month he has grown 4.5 cms! I knew all the food he eats must be going somewhere. He really is an amazing eater – though he shares with his mother an aversion to potato! Not encouraged by me at all – I wonder if it could be genetic? ; )

Despite sickness he is progressing well. He has great word recognition, waving when he hears ‘bye’, breaking out into a fit of excitement when he hears ‘bath’ or ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’ or  ‘dinner’. He is fairly obedient and listens to ‘stop’ and ‘no’. He is testing out new sounds and makes a whole range of great noises when he flicks through an animal book on his own – when we read it and make the noises he listens and watches our mouths intently. He has discovered the joy of the kitchen and actually spends much of the day resorting my shelves and draws. No walking yet but he is balancing on his feet well and can toddle along with just one hand held. He’s a cautious little thing and wants to get things right – it’s fun to watch.
Good things are happening in our lives – Levi turned 32 and had a quiet birthday with a big carrot cake! He has also been offered a permanent position with his company which gives him great security and peace of mind. In other news we are preparing to buy a block of land here in the coming months and I’m getting ready to launch a little blog of all the interesting things I get up to.
Hope life is treating you all well, we love you! 



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