Fridays with Finley {14th August 2013}

Happy Friday everyone! 

We have a relaxed weekend planned after a busy few weeks so we are very excited it's Friday.  Finley took off walking this week all on his own, no mum or dad there to catch him! It was on my birthday, so a wonderful gift. He has since been tottering around the house, looking very proud of himself. He has also found his 'moves'.

We attended and participated in our Stake Road Show this past Saturday and Finley loved the performances. He invented his own little dance routine with arms flailing about and clapping - it was gorgeous. The Road Show was great fun, Levi did a hilarious performance as a member of 'Flabba' - Fat Abba - slightly offence but very funny! And I made a reappearance as the White Witch of Narnia.  Levi fitted Finley's seat to my bike on the weekend, so this week we have been taking off for rides. Finley loves it, we mostly end up at the park which he loves. My mum use to ride around with me on her bike when I was little and I remember loving it too. I'm happy to have another mode of transportation in the day - it definitely makes a difference for us.  

I hope you are all doing well. We love and miss you, 

Fridays with Finley {2nd August 2013}

Well we have lift off! Finley took his first independent steps last week. He trod very cautiously at first but built up to taking 5 steps on his own. He soon realised that with walking comes falling, so has since been a little hesitant but we are sure he will be off with out the help of mum and day in no time. 
We are hearing lots of sounds now, he says hello and bye, ta without being prompted and has mastered the 'gobble gobble' turkey noise and the neigh of a horse! Very funny. He is loving puzzles and is placing pieces with little prompting. He has found his 'belly' and when prompted will pull up his shirt and bang his chest like a gorilla....I may taught him that one! 
Now that the sun is out we are loving the park and get there at every opportunity. We are thinking of getting him a trike that I can push along to the park instead of the pram. He loves being out and about so I'm excited for summer. 
We hope you are all well. We think of you all often and only wish we saw you all more.