Fridays with Finley {27th September 2016}

Dearest Family and Friends,
Things are going well around here. The big news of the month is the purchase of our block of land! We camped out for three days/nights with the help of Edward to secure the block and we got it! Very exciting times around here. Finley got to meet some of his soon to be neighbourhood buddies. There are going to be quite a few kids around his age which will be nice for him as he grows up. Next step is the build, we are hoping things will begin in January and we will be in the house by July. 
Finley is doing great, he is a such a treasure. Lots of new words are streaming in – shoes, nose, belly and park. He understands really well now and will follow my instructions to put books away or sit down for food etc. He has also learnt to pray and folds his arms in preparation, lately he has been folding his arms at random points throughout the day and nodding at me to start praying. It is beautiful and makes me think of the scripture about us all being little children, he is so innocent and pure and a great reminder to me of the reality of God. 
We are loving the weather and go to the park most days. Finley has mastered the big kids slippery dip and walks around confidently, he definitely thinks it is his turf. The park is next to the beach and lately he’s been stripping off and heading into the waves, he absolutely loves the water and thinks the waves splashing over him is hilarious. 
I feel very grateful to be a mother. It’s a real blessing to be able to be home with him, it’s the best job in the world and as he grows the moments just feel so precious.
Hope you are all well, 
Love Jade xo 

Fridays with Finley {5th September 2013}

Hello Loved Ones, 
 The sun is shining and things are good in our part of the world. How about you?  Finley is great! Loving life and finding new adventure and mischief every day. He is walking confidently now and figured out how to get up without the aid of a wall or parent. With this came climbing, anything and everything - I watch in trepidation but mostly he manages not to fall off anything. Though this past week he did have a visit to the hospital because a finger he jammed started to swell quite badly. The doctor pricked his little nail to relieve the pressure and Finley didn't even make a peep - amazing. I'm not so sure I'm in for the injury side of parenting - just thinking about it makes me queasy. I guess I'm just going to have to get over that.  

The weather and water has been beautiful here and we bravely took Finley out on the catamaran. I was stoked to be on the boat, as I'm usually with Finley on the sidelines. Finley was very quiet and had a concerned look on his face the whole time but we are sure we will win him over soon enough. Levi is thinking of starting a mini kayak for him, ready for when he can swim too - lucky little boy.  We have quite the little talker, lately Finley has been having long conversations with us, that make no actually sense but leave you feeling like you are the one who needs to learn the language. He is getting right into dancing too, he has invented his own little routine of arms swinging side to side, out in front and over his head. He is quite the little character.  

Wishing you lots of love,  Jade xo