Fridays with Finley {27th September 2016}

Dearest Family and Friends,
Things are going well around here. The big news of the month is the purchase of our block of land! We camped out for three days/nights with the help of Edward to secure the block and we got it! Very exciting times around here. Finley got to meet some of his soon to be neighbourhood buddies. There are going to be quite a few kids around his age which will be nice for him as he grows up. Next step is the build, we are hoping things will begin in January and we will be in the house by July. 
Finley is doing great, he is a such a treasure. Lots of new words are streaming in – shoes, nose, belly and park. He understands really well now and will follow my instructions to put books away or sit down for food etc. He has also learnt to pray and folds his arms in preparation, lately he has been folding his arms at random points throughout the day and nodding at me to start praying. It is beautiful and makes me think of the scripture about us all being little children, he is so innocent and pure and a great reminder to me of the reality of God. 
We are loving the weather and go to the park most days. Finley has mastered the big kids slippery dip and walks around confidently, he definitely thinks it is his turf. The park is next to the beach and lately he’s been stripping off and heading into the waves, he absolutely loves the water and thinks the waves splashing over him is hilarious. 
I feel very grateful to be a mother. It’s a real blessing to be able to be home with him, it’s the best job in the world and as he grows the moments just feel so precious.
Hope you are all well, 
Love Jade xo 

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