Fridays with Finley {21st November 2016}

Dearest loved ones, 

My apologises for such a lengthy gap between updates. The past two months, not unlike the whole year have flown by and it's been hard to keep up. Since the purchase of our land we have been incredibly busy making decisions and signing contracts. Within the next few weeks our plans will go to council and then we can breath for a little while. We anticipate that next year will be a 'house' year. There is much to be done to finish it all off. 

The man of the hour, our little Finley is not so little any more. He is growing rapidly, producing a big belly that soon turns into height. He climbs everything, chairs and tables and nothing is safe from his grasp on benches and shelves. He loves to jump from things into our arms, mimicking the one, two, three in preparation for the jump. He finds the whole thing hilarious. He loves when the three of us are together. Lately he has been chanting 'mum' or 'dada' when the other is absent. As you can imagine for me at home it's a long day of trying to explain that 'dada' is at work! 

We were lucky enough to have two weeks with Courtney before she leaves for her mission to Hamilton NZ on the 5th of December. This was a very busy and exciting few weeks including the BeyoncĂ© concert, climbing the Harbour Bridge and lots of fun time together with Finley. Courtney took Finley swimming and saw the difficulties of trying to hold a child who just wants to dive in despite not being able to swim! She was a huge help to me during this time and developed a really strong bond with Finley. He can't quite manage her name but today he did say 'nee' when he looked at her picture. While she was here I did photo shoot for her and have attached two of the pictures I took. It was great to put the skills I learnt at my photography course to practise.

A few months a go we had a family photo shoot with my good friend and brilliant photographer Shayla. I've attached a few for anyone who didn't see them on facebook. We were so happy with how they turned out. We are glad to have captures Finley at sure a precious stage. 

We hope you are all well and enjoying the lead up to Christmas. I can hardly believe that it is only a month away. 

Much love, 

Jade xo