Fridays with Finley {12th December 2013}

Dear loved ones, 

Christmas is almost here! It’s hard to believe another year has almost past. It’s been a good and busy one for us and we are looking forward to relaxing over the break and spending lots of time on the water. 

Finley is growing up so fast and learning quick. The past few weeks he has had a big focus on parts of the face. I go to get him from the cot in the morning and the first thing he does is point and say ‘nose’, then at night as I’m putting him to bed ‘eyes’. He can point to ‘mouth’ and ‘ears’ and almost has the sounds but isn’t quite there yet. He is saying lots more words now – nut, snack, water, bath, swim.
His favourite things at the moment include popcorn – he is absolutely crazy for it an fish. He loves pointing them out and saying ‘fisshh’. I took him to the pet store this week and he was in heaven. He ran back and forth from the fish to the birds completely excited by it all. He also loves helicopters and planes. Grandpa taught him the noise to make and now anything that slightly resembles a helicopter acts the part and gets flown around the house. Thomas the tank engine has made a big impact too. He went to nursery in Sutherland and they had a battery powered Thomas on the line and Finley was hooked. We have a few Thomas books so he reads them with delight and Shae has leant us some trains and track which we will bring out for him at Christmas. He has naturally gravitated to the traditional boys toys but equally enjoys pushing his dolly around in her pram and feeding and putting her to sleep.
We continue to visit the library each week for read and rhyme. Finley is old enough now to mimic the actions and is shaking arms and legs, opening and closing hands and having a great time. His favourite song is the ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ closely followed by ‘Open Shut Them’. He has some lovely little friends who he loves to see there and they all love to cuddle and play together.
Wishing you lots of love and happiness over the Christmas season.
Much love,
Jade xo
ps. I've included some Christmas photos from last year. He has grown so much!