Fridays with Finley {22nd May 2014}

Hello loved ones! 

Where does the year go? Finley is now two, though when asked he will tell you that he is three, then laugh and say two! He had a wonderful birthday party with his little friends. We had a guest bunny for the day, lots of healthy food and plenty of games, stories and bubbles. And on Easter he even wore the jacket I made him!  He loved having his cousins, aunty and grandparents here too to celebrate and help and of course he was spoiled beyond belief. I've been gradually pulling out all the things he received. The winners were anything fish and turtle related, trucks and trains. 

The big adventure of the last two months has been Finley starting preschool. We got off to a very rocky start, it was looking as though we might have to leave it and try again in 6 months but just last week we had a breakthrough, he slept there and has settled in nicely - phew. It has definitely been the hardest thing for me as a parent so far and I'm am so so grateful it's all coming together. I will be working at the local High School as a casual the two days he is there, today I don't have work so am catching up on things at home. I've also had a few weekends away lately. I hiked the 6 foot track in the Blue Mountains for 3 days with a friend and did a 10km run in Sydney. I miss being away from Levi and Finley but have loved both experiences. 

Age two is both an exciting and challenging time. Finley has become very independent. He just realised he can carry around his little chair and climb up onto anything and get into anything he likes. His little imagination has come alive, he loves playing trains, especially with daddy and the two of them can literally pass hours together making new tracks and discussing which trains are fit to carry particular loads. Finley also has an amazing sense of direction, he will tell me where we are going without me having said anything about it. He is very loving and kind, he knows that he can make people happy and when we visit our friend in the nursing home he will smile and wave to the oldies and they just love it. He chats away all day long now. Not all of it coherent but he is learning words at a rapid pace. He just discovered my name is Jade and thinks it is hilarious to call me that. 

We keep really busy with read and rhyme at the library, playgroup and swimming each week. We also spend alot of time at the park and have been having fun at home cooking, having picnics, drawing and doing lots of fine motor skills play. We have been enjoying what seems like the last of the sun too, going to the beach as much as we can. 

I hope you are all well, I'd love to hear what is new with you. 

Much love, 

Jade xx

Fridays with Finley {14th March 2016}

Hi Everyone!

Finley is almost two! Can you believe it? I can't, the last two years has gone incredibly fast and I can't imagine life without our little boy. Preparations are in full swing for his Peter Rabbit themed birthday party - it is conveniently timed with Easter, so we have a traditional egg hunt and the pet store is lending us a big floppy bunny for the day which is very exciting. I've made a blue jacket for Finley for the day, but he hates me putting it on him so he may not be coming as Peter Rabbit

Communication is coming along in our home lately. Finley has begun to mimic words we say and some new favourites are bubbles, googles, grandma, beach, peach, home, arper (for his best friend Harper), pool, swim, done, please and thank you. I love this new stage and how his little character is forming. Finley is a very gentle soul, so we are working on putting out a hand and saying 'stop' when other kids push him around. He absolutely loves the water and we go to the pool once or twice a week.  He is swimming two metres now unaided. He loves jumping in and mixes it up with belly flops and pulling his knees up for big splashes. He does great bubbles, kicking and big arms and has a real natural love for being in the water. Finley also loves music and dances at the store when a song with a good beat comes on. 

We are all doing pretty well. The build on our house begins on the 18th so that is exciting. Levi has had a promotion at work and with lots of changes at the site he has been really busy. Finley is starting preschool two days a week after his birthday and I'll be casual teaching in the special needs faculty at the local High School on those days - so that will be a big change for the both of us. After two years with barely a day a part I'm thinking it will take us both some adjusting but it's all for the best. 

We hope life is treating your all well, 

Much love, 

Jade xo

Fridays with Finley {23rd of January 2014}


This email has been a long time coming, Fridays just seem to be coming around quick - I can't believe January is almost over. 

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was our first one just the three of us, which was lovely though we were glad we had lots of time with family either side of the big day. Finley loved his gifts, the favourite was 'robofish' which he still asks for first thing every morning when he wakes up. Talk about longevity! 

Finley is growing up, he has mastered some party tricks - forward rolls and jumping. Whenever we have guests he is eager to show off his skills. He also loves dancing and is getting braver at the playground. Lots of climbing, balancing and yelling 'igher' on the swing. More words are coming daily now and he has started to combine them too. This morning he said ' byyyee dad'.

We have spent lots of time at the beach so far this summer. We are very blessed to be so close and we go on most sunny days. Finley loves digging holes and building castles but most of all swimming in the ocean and mistaking sea weed for fish. 

We hope everyone is having a great start to the year. We look forward to all of the excitement and hard work of the next year. The plans for our house are currently in council and we hope building will start around March. It's an exciting time in our life. 

Much love, 

Jade xo