Fridays with Finley {23rd of January 2014}


This email has been a long time coming, Fridays just seem to be coming around quick - I can't believe January is almost over. 

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was our first one just the three of us, which was lovely though we were glad we had lots of time with family either side of the big day. Finley loved his gifts, the favourite was 'robofish' which he still asks for first thing every morning when he wakes up. Talk about longevity! 

Finley is growing up, he has mastered some party tricks - forward rolls and jumping. Whenever we have guests he is eager to show off his skills. He also loves dancing and is getting braver at the playground. Lots of climbing, balancing and yelling 'igher' on the swing. More words are coming daily now and he has started to combine them too. This morning he said ' byyyee dad'.

We have spent lots of time at the beach so far this summer. We are very blessed to be so close and we go on most sunny days. Finley loves digging holes and building castles but most of all swimming in the ocean and mistaking sea weed for fish. 

We hope everyone is having a great start to the year. We look forward to all of the excitement and hard work of the next year. The plans for our house are currently in council and we hope building will start around March. It's an exciting time in our life. 

Much love, 

Jade xo