A Rose by any other name

I was almost positive at the end of my pregnancy that we were having a boy. So positive that when I saw that it was free F day on a kids label site I ordered some in one of the two names we were deciding between for a boy (and some for Finley too). 

After I gave birth, I was so thrilled that I had given birth naturally I didn't even think to check the sex of the baby. A midwife suggested we take a look and when Levi told me it was a girl I was in absolute shock - so much so the midwife thought that I was disappointed. Disappointed I was not. Though I admit that it took me a few moments to let go of the boy I had conjured in my dreams - here I was holding my daughter - a DAUGHTER - wow. I was positive one day I would have a girl but here she was in my arms earlier than anticipated. 

Amidst the joy came the remembrance that Levi and I had not come to any firm decisions on a girl's name. In fact Levi highly favoured one name and I another. What to do? One thing I am grateful for in our marriage is that we almost always come to decisions together. I can't think of many, if any times that I have really had to forsake a strongly held conviction for his or the other way around. This was a different story, neither of us was budging. What to do? 

In the end, after days of deliberation Levi gave me the choice, a gift for her being our first girl and for my stoic effort in giving birth - what a sweetheart. So she was named Primrose Anne Catton. 

Years ago I read a fantastic fictional series, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. It's about young female spies in Victorian era England, basically the coolest basis for a story ever right? : ). In one of the books there is a small reference to a young lady named Primrose and once I read it I knew that would be the name of one of my daughters. The literal meaning of Primrose is 'first rose' which also feels fitting for our first daughter. 

Anne (with an e!) is a reference to my most beloved fictional character Anne of Green Gables. When Levi and I were first married we read the first book of the series aloud to one another before we went to bed each night. When the last page was turned Levi said he understood me better. From when I was just a little girl I related to, admired and loved who Anne was. I hope my girl can have a little of the spark, curiosity and sense of self of her namesake.


  1. She is so beautiful. I'm happy that you chose to call her Primrose. :)

  2. Jade, I hope you don't mind, but I stumbled across your blog on fb. Just wanted to congratulate (if that is the right word) on your beautiful daughter, Primrose and your natural birth. It makes me so happy for you and I can maybe feel like I know the degree of satisfaction, exhilaration and empowerment that brings. Renee

    1. Renee! I'm so glad you found the blog. I've only just come back onto social media and I felt really strongly that I needed to start a blog and record all these wonderful happenings in our life. Happy for you and everyone to read along. Thank you for your kind words. Your birth story really gave me hope for my own and I'm so glad you had shared your experiences with me xx

  3. Jade it was wonderful to be with you as you gave birth to Primrose. What a delightful baby so glad you are able to feel that joy.........love mum