She is the ... what?

I love the name of this blog for lots of reasons, none more than that my husband thinks I am funny for choosing it. That fact alone brings a smile to my face because when we first became engaged I would make a 'meow' sound whenever my soon to be last name - Catton, was said! I think this was my random way of coming to terms with losing my maiden name Ryan which I was particularly attached to at the time, having just come back from a full-time mission where I was known as 'Sister Ryan' for 18 months. I suppose I was trying in my own way to get excited about the name Catton. Anyway Levi didn't find this particularly funny, our sense of humours hadn't quite converged yet, but I continued on irregardless and I think he eventually found it slightly amusing. It died off, I don't still go around meowing (he he), but it makes me laugh to think of it.

So Cats - Catton, Mother - Me. 

I also just love the reprimand. When I was growing up my mum was firm but kind in her correction of my speech and it gave me a real love and interest in the intricacies and rules of the English language. Having said that I make errors all the time! So be kind dear reader. 

Don't you just love Sylvania Families?!

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