Canada Eh?!

We are moving to Canada! And soon... the end of September. I can hardly believe myself when I write that. I want to jump up and down, dance and cry all at the same time. It is really happening. We are trading sunny Nelson Bay, New South Wales for snowy Halifax, Nova Scotia. And I'm pretty sure we have no idea what we are in for!

Truth be told we had to leave The Bay in September anyway. I was in pretty deep denial so I mainly kept that information to myself. Levi's work wraps up here then and with no real work for him in this area we were planning to move with the company to Adelaide. I wasn't particularly excited about Adelaide, especially considering how much I love Nelson Bay, how happy I've been in Nelson Bay, the amazing people in Nelson bay - you get the idea. This place is amazing and you'd be crazy to want to live anywhere else...unless the anywhere else is somewhere you have been dreaming of living your whole life.

Dreams really do come true - us moving to Canada is proof. To fully understand you have to go back 20 years to 10 year old Jade watching, daydreaming, play acting her life as Anne of Green Gables. Anne (who I do realise is fictional, despite what you may be thinking) lives on Prince Edward Island. We are moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, a mere 3 hours away! Not only are a little girl's dreams being realised but the very real career aspirations of one talented Naval Architect are too.

Levi and I have always wanted to work overseas. We knew that different shipbuilding projects around the world would likely afford us that opportunity at some point in the future, We never expected that Levi would be approached for his dream position and that the timing would work out so perfectly with work closing out where we are. Levi is thrilled. He is coming in at the early definition stages of a huge ship building project and will have an influential and exciting position. It is undeniable that the hand of the Lord is at work here. He knows our hearts and can orchestrate life more perfectly than even we could imagine.

Finley is excited. Mainly about going on the plane and dressing up in 'jacket, scarf, gloves, hat and ice skates'. We are all over the moon to live a short flight away from our dear Canadian doubles Jen, Stew and their little boy Emerson. Telling them we were coming was a highlight of my life - Jen screamed, cried and starting writing lists! It was wonderful. Knowing we have them so close and to show us the ropes is hugely comforting.

I am excited about living in a new country, exploring the country and culture, the travel opportunities and snow. I am nervous about not having a clue regarding basic life skills, driving on the opposite side of the road, settling Finley in and snow. I am sad to be leaving a place and people that I love but very happy that planes, skype and unbreakable friendships make the world that bit smaller.


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  1. The experience will expand your horizons and build empathy for Ex Pats
    As you will find you will be called the Australians