'There's lots to celebrate' Party at the Cattons

Over the years we have held some really great parties... if I do say so myself. Usually they are fraught with intense preparations and a bit of drama but always resulting in something memorable and something fun. Nelson Bay has been the scene of baby showers, 1st and 2nd birthdays, an Italian 30th, huge Christmas dinners, Saturday BBQ's and very late housewarmings. To end them all we held our going away party cleverly disguised (to ensure no tears) as the 'There's lots to celebrate' Party. The name was technically valid as we had recently: had a baby and our birthdays, built our house, moved into our house, sold our house and accepted a new job in Canada...Lots right?

Instead of roping Levi into hanging fairy lights from the roof, we left the house as is, invited everyone we know and ordered 25 pizzas. Easy, fun and perfect. Our house was packed with people from every part of our lives. People that we love. People that have made the last four and a half years in Nelson Bay so memorable, so perfect, so life life changing. It has been the best time in my life and I can't really believe I am going to have to say goodbye. My eyes are welling up at the thought. If I could put on my ruby slippers and be in two places at once I would.

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