Hit for Six


Our girl is 6 months old! Where does the time go? So much has happened in Primrose's short little life and she has been such a joy through it all. She is my little Koala, clinging on for the ride.

Right now rolling is her primary mode of transportation. She has started to push up on her arms as well and wiggle her way places, almost getting into that crawl position. Two little sharp bottom teeth have emerged in her gummy smile and her hair, though sparse, is finally making an appearance. She is beginning to get the idea of eating. Her favourite combo at the moment is a mango and banana. She can also knaw a rusk to oblivion.

Primrose's favourite things at the moment include - her brother Finley, who can make her laugh and squeal with delight, exploring and destroying Finley's toys, cuddles with mummy and daddy and your absolute and full attention. She has some great facials, including a look we call 'old women' where she sucks in her lips - it's very cute. And she has a hilarious, nasaly laugh that cracks us all up.

She is an incredibly tactile baby. She likes to gaze at you and trace the contours of your face with her little hand. She, our Rose, is just beautiful.

The Magic of Beginnings

 I have to admit since arriving in Canada I have had the odd daydream about doing this childless... my mind turns over the thoughts, 'wouldn't I be having such a fun time! Eating out, sleeping late, exploring further than the nearest corner before hearing, I need to go to the toilet!'. It's a bit of a rough gig for the kids too. Most of our focus has been on buying cars, a house and warm clothing so that we don't all die over the winter - literally. Finley started having pretend play dates with his buddies back home and Primrose has developed a longing look that can't mean anything else but 'pick me up!'.

We are just at the start I keep reminding myself. And the start has lots of the magic in it.

When we arrived we were met with the peak of Autumn. Wow. Everywhere we looked the leaves were changing and falling, creating a magic wonderland of colour and beauty. I've really never seen anything like it before. It's breath taking. The air is crisp and in Halifax, everywhere you look there is water, so the air and the leaves and the water combine for the picture perfect 'fall' that I've only ever seen in pictures. Halloween suddenly makes sense too since by that point half the trees are bare and everything feels a little spooky! Really experiencing the seasons is something as an Australian I know I am going to really love.

The fun and frustration of difference gives Levi and I lots to talk about. Whether it's shock at pedestrians having right of way and therefore stepping out in front of your car at every opportunity, or joy at discovering they have my shampoo here, everyday is sure to bring something new.

Some awesome discoveries have been:

Bulk Barn - honestly we will live there. It's a store that has 100's of barrels of nuts, dried fruit, flours, seeds, chocolate covered pretzels (my favourite), anything you could think of really and you scoop up how much you want in a bag. It sounds mundane, it's not, it's fantastic.

Pete's is another amazing food gathering place. Think boutique grocery store of your dreams with an old timer playing rag on the piano. Best shopping experience of my life.

This is all starting to revolve around food but I have to add that Canadians do baked goods really well. How many times in Australia do you go to a bakery with great expectations and end up with a weird tasting custard tart? I don't think we will have that problem here, I'm not sure they even make custard tarts but that's beside the point : )

The shops are open til 9pm every night - what?! Perfect.

Water is delicious here and my hair feels amazing after I wash it.

Canadians talk as much, if not more than I do. They use a LOT of words to convey their point, so I kind of feel like I've found my people.

I think I may have to dedicate an entire post to this topic but for now let me say my love of scarves can finally be realised, because they are no longer an accessory, they are necessity. So basically the possibilities are endless for fall and winter combinations. I knew I was holding on to 40 scarves for a reason!

The frustrations mainly revolve around learning how to do things a different way, like drive, go grocery shopping, get car rego and insurance or figure out how the preschool system works. Probably the most difficult thing I've done is try to take the kids swimming. There was no; park your pram on the side of the pool, strip off and jump in. The weather is also very deceiving. I'm use to assuming it is fairly warm out if I can see the sun shining, um not in Canada, ha ha.

Church has been wonderful. We have been wholeheartedly embraced. We had three separate invites to dinner on the one night! It's the most beautiful thing to be a part of a world wide gospel family that really takes you in. I know that we will never feel alone here.

Overall Halifax gets the thumbs up from me. I can see we are going to have an amazing time here. I'm looking forward to the initial admin being out of the way and settling into life. We are pretty close to making an offer on a house we love and we just bought a second car today. Slowly but surely it's all coming together.

Fridays with Fin and Miss Prim { 6th November 2015 }


Oh these treasures of mine! They were both fantastic on all three flights it took to get to Halifax and there were only really a few tough hours out of a total 21 of flying time, so I think we did pretty well. Finley was very excited to travel on the planes. The Triangle plane (Delta) and the Maple Leaf plane, well and truly made up for the disappointment of not travelling on the Kangaroo plane. When we arrived here though he wouldn't believe it was actually Canada as there was no snow!

Disneyland was an absolutely incredible highlight. We were excited to go but little did we know just how magical it is there. Everything is done to perfection and we had a wonderful time. Finley was pretty nervous about going on rides. We started with the carousel thinking he would be fine but he took a fair amount of coaxing. We know though how much he enjoys things with some encouragement and by the end of the ride he was eager for more. He even asked to go on the carousel again at the end of the day, I think he liked the feeling of knowing he overcame a fear. We spent most of our time with Finley on some classic rides like Alice in Wonderland, the Tea Cups and Dumbo. He also loved the Buzz ride and going on the train around Disneyland. Levi and I snuck in some roller coasters too. Finley watched the parade in awe, seeing the 'real' Little Mermaid left him quite speechless. After a day of looking at all the toys he decided on a prince dress up costume with a sword and has been waving it around ever since. I think we will be making another visit to Disneyland if the opportunity arises.

Primrose is growing rapidly and reaching milestones when our backs are turned. She is rolling all over the floor now, making her way to Finley's toys and causing all sorts of havoc. We have wooden floors in the apartment and she has learnt to place her head down careful with each turn. She is a clever little thing. She cut her first tooth this past week, which wasn't much fun, and had her first real go of solids. You could tell she liked the idea of solids but she didn't find the reality so pleasant.

I'm not sure if having babies gets easier as you go along or if Prim is just a really good baby but she really is a joy. She doesn't sleep as well as Finley did but aside from that she is really well natured and happy as can be if you are engaging her. She is loving to hear us sing and clap. She has this huge open mouthed smile that just lights up her whole face and a chuckle that makes us laugh. It's a bit like Sheldon's from the Big Bang, that will sound weird but it really is!

We try and take Finley out each day for a scooter ride on the board walk in front of where we are staying. Without exception he is praised by everyone he passes on how fast he is. We get use to seeing him do it but he does look pretty impressive being so little and going so fast. Both kids are really good natured about bundling up and heading outside. We have bought Finley some beginner iceskates and a helmet so we are ready for some fun.

Much love to all,