Fridays with Fin and Miss Prim { 6th November 2015 }


Oh these treasures of mine! They were both fantastic on all three flights it took to get to Halifax and there were only really a few tough hours out of a total 21 of flying time, so I think we did pretty well. Finley was very excited to travel on the planes. The Triangle plane (Delta) and the Maple Leaf plane, well and truly made up for the disappointment of not travelling on the Kangaroo plane. When we arrived here though he wouldn't believe it was actually Canada as there was no snow!

Disneyland was an absolutely incredible highlight. We were excited to go but little did we know just how magical it is there. Everything is done to perfection and we had a wonderful time. Finley was pretty nervous about going on rides. We started with the carousel thinking he would be fine but he took a fair amount of coaxing. We know though how much he enjoys things with some encouragement and by the end of the ride he was eager for more. He even asked to go on the carousel again at the end of the day, I think he liked the feeling of knowing he overcame a fear. We spent most of our time with Finley on some classic rides like Alice in Wonderland, the Tea Cups and Dumbo. He also loved the Buzz ride and going on the train around Disneyland. Levi and I snuck in some roller coasters too. Finley watched the parade in awe, seeing the 'real' Little Mermaid left him quite speechless. After a day of looking at all the toys he decided on a prince dress up costume with a sword and has been waving it around ever since. I think we will be making another visit to Disneyland if the opportunity arises.

Primrose is growing rapidly and reaching milestones when our backs are turned. She is rolling all over the floor now, making her way to Finley's toys and causing all sorts of havoc. We have wooden floors in the apartment and she has learnt to place her head down careful with each turn. She is a clever little thing. She cut her first tooth this past week, which wasn't much fun, and had her first real go of solids. You could tell she liked the idea of solids but she didn't find the reality so pleasant.

I'm not sure if having babies gets easier as you go along or if Prim is just a really good baby but she really is a joy. She doesn't sleep as well as Finley did but aside from that she is really well natured and happy as can be if you are engaging her. She is loving to hear us sing and clap. She has this huge open mouthed smile that just lights up her whole face and a chuckle that makes us laugh. It's a bit like Sheldon's from the Big Bang, that will sound weird but it really is!

We try and take Finley out each day for a scooter ride on the board walk in front of where we are staying. Without exception he is praised by everyone he passes on how fast he is. We get use to seeing him do it but he does look pretty impressive being so little and going so fast. Both kids are really good natured about bundling up and heading outside. We have bought Finley some beginner iceskates and a helmet so we are ready for some fun.

Much love to all,

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