Hit for Six


Our girl is 6 months old! Where does the time go? So much has happened in Primrose's short little life and she has been such a joy through it all. She is my little Koala, clinging on for the ride.

Right now rolling is her primary mode of transportation. She has started to push up on her arms as well and wiggle her way places, almost getting into that crawl position. Two little sharp bottom teeth have emerged in her gummy smile and her hair, though sparse, is finally making an appearance. She is beginning to get the idea of eating. Her favourite combo at the moment is a mango and banana. She can also knaw a rusk to oblivion.

Primrose's favourite things at the moment include - her brother Finley, who can make her laugh and squeal with delight, exploring and destroying Finley's toys, cuddles with mummy and daddy and your absolute and full attention. She has some great facials, including a look we call 'old women' where she sucks in her lips - it's very cute. And she has a hilarious, nasaly laugh that cracks us all up.

She is an incredibly tactile baby. She likes to gaze at you and trace the contours of your face with her little hand. She, our Rose, is just beautiful.

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