Keeping in the Tradition

Levi and I recently had our seven year wedding anniversary. A lot has happened these past seven years. It seems every year could tell it's own story.  Babies, houses, international moves, I have loved being on the adventure of life with my darling husband.  If I had to use one word to describe our marriage I would use - TEAM. Our strength has definitely been embarking on each project, goal, month and year as a unified pair.

Since that very first year we have given each other a 'traditional' gift. This was a clever long game approach on my part - I think once we hit 30 years the 'jewels' begin - he he! For the record this is the list this far:

Year - Category - Jade to Levi - Levi to Jade

1st - Paper - A  L&J Wax Seal - Custom Jade requests notebook
2nd - Cotton - Sail Boat PJ Pants - Leona Edminson dress
3rd - Leather - Wallet - Leather trimmed sewing boxes
4th - Fruits and Flowers - Macadamia cracker - dwarf avocado tree
5th - Wood - Jenga - Cake stand
6th - Candy - Puffin Sail Boat - Dresses (We diverted that year)
7th - Wool -  Scarf - Scarf and Muluks

We had a quiet anniversary this year. With the hype of our big Canadian move it was nice to just stay in and share in each others company. We were too excited to wait to give our gifts on the day so we opened them the night before and talked together of life and love and our big to do list.

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