The Prologue

My memories before children feel distant and hazy...I recall time, there was definitely more time and sort of an endless, uninterrupted freedom - right?? But you can hardly appreciate all that until you are on the other side. Life was fun and lovely, busy and full, but that longing for a baby of our own gradually grew stronger. By the time I was pregnant we couldn't wait for our little person to arrive and embark on the next phase of life with us. That first pregnancy was full of excitement and anticipation. Waiting and dreaming about what was to come. 

I'm very lucky that one of my dearest friends also happens to be an incredible photographer at Images with Love . She took these pictures for us at the pituresque Macadamia Farm near our home. Shayla and I styled up a picnic and she worked her magic capturing all those beautiful emotions we felt waiting for our little bundle to arrive. 

Christmas with the Lokers { Christmas 2015 }

It was a dream we thought wouldn't be granted for years, but fate had other plans and we got our Christmas in Ontario with the Lokers! It was epic and wonderful, everything we could have hoped for and more. The best thing about being with Jen and Stew, is just that, being with them. It's all laughter and fun, exchanging of ideas and opinions and great experiences and conversations. As with our other times together, it all takes place in the context of an exciting schedule. 

What was exciting for us was to see a family we love in their home setting. We got to participate in the annual Loker family Christmas Eve skate. We all skate like Australia's but we had lots of fun! Followed by a hilarious ugly sweater party with a highly competitive secret Santa gift grab. We were whole heartedly embraced and had a wonderful time. 

Christmas Day was literally filled with gifts. Jen is the ultimate gift giver, she's Santa really and every item (and there were many) was thoughtfully considered. We had a beautiful day with Jen and Stew's immediate families and then an incredible dinner with the extended Loker family again. 

The rest of our time in Ontario was a blast. We spent time at Jen's parents cottage, saw how farming is done in the snow, tracked down delicious german pretzels and had a wonderful NYE at a beautiful house that felt like it sits on the edge of the world (the lakes really are that big!). 

It was a Christmas like no other and we loved it. 


Fridays with Fin & Miss Prim {12th February 2016}

These two little cherubs of mine. Primrose is growing too fast and Finley is growing up too fast!

Finley is fast approaching four years old. He is settling in really well in Canada and as much as we want to keep him our little Australian, he is beginning to talk with a Canadian twang and is very at home in the snow and with Canadian culture. He absolutely loves his preschool teacher Miss Angela and with lots of learning at school and home he is on the way to learning to print his name and is beginning to write numbers. He has also taken great interest in clocks recently so we have been teaching him the basics and he is doing great.  His preschool teacher recently told me he has taken the role of protector of a little girl named Taylor at school. He guides her around with his hand behind her back and tell me he keeps her safe from the bigger kids. I'm told he is an absolute gentleman! He is obviously practicing his big brother skills and we couldn't be happier.

The primary program at church is absolutely wonderful and Finley is an eager and willing participant. He raises his hand every time there is need for a volunteer and loves to learn the primary songs. There are sooo many children in the primary and he has made lots of new friends who share his love of trains, Paw patrol and Spiderman. He is really beginning to love and understand the gospel and it shows in his actions towards others.

Finley is an absolutely wonderful big brother. Every morning he climbs into Primrose's cot and plays with her and she is forever sad to be taken away from her brother for naps. The two of them make each other laugh all day long and find ways to play together despite their age gap.

Primrose is eight months old and constantly developing her sweet personality. She love love loves food. But only when she can feed it to herself. She is the ultimate scavenger. We joke that she could survive alone in the house for a week searching out her own food. She is loving baths now. She crawls back and forth, splashing and playing and will even head to the bathroom on her own accord hoping for a bath.

It's exciting to see Primrose exploring. She is crawling and sitting and pulling herself up on all the furniture. She is desperate to climb the stairs and spends time everyday trying to figure it out. She loves climbing and jumping, but we love that she comes to Levi and I for quiet time and cuddles too. Levi even got a Da-Da the other day! She loves Mum and Dad but also loves getting to know everyone and is happy in anyone's arms. She is very loving and personable.

Both kids are happy and although the transition to two has felt full on for me, I wouldn't have it any other way.