The Prologue

My memories before children feel distant and hazy...I recall time, there was definitely more time and sort of an endless, uninterrupted freedom - right?? But you can hardly appreciate all that until you are on the other side. Life was fun and lovely, busy and full, but that longing for a baby of our own gradually grew stronger. By the time I was pregnant we couldn't wait for our little person to arrive and embark on the next phase of life with us. That first pregnancy was full of excitement and anticipation. Waiting and dreaming about what was to come. 

I'm very lucky that one of my dearest friends also happens to be an incredible photographer at Images with Love . She took these pictures for us at the pituresque Macadamia Farm near our home. Shayla and I styled up a picnic and she worked her magic capturing all those beautiful emotions we felt waiting for our little bundle to arrive. 

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