Four of Hearts

Our boy turned four! And quickly asked 'when will I be five?' He knows that turning five means big school and in his mind, the immediate overcoming of the difficulties of childhood. He often says 'when I'm five i'll be able to do that' or 'As soon as I'm five I try it'. But four he is and four he will stay, for at least one more year. On the day, he woke to his very own trampoline in the front yard which Levi had set up the night before. Fun for the whole family, we have all been loving it! We celebrated the day with bunting and balloons, a trip to the Discovery Center to see a real TRex skeleton, his favourite dinner - pesto pasta, a digger cake and some skype calls from little friends on the other side of the world. He was also lucky enough to get to pick his own presents from family in Australia, he b-lined for Paw Patrol section and couldn't be happier.