Four of Hearts

Our boy turned four! And quickly asked 'when will I be five?' He knows that turning five means big school and in his mind, the immediate overcoming of the difficulties of childhood. He often says 'when I'm five i'll be able to do that' or 'As soon as I'm five I try it'. But four he is and four he will stay, for at least one more year. On the day, he woke to his very own trampoline in the front yard which Levi had set up the night before. Fun for the whole family, we have all been loving it! We celebrated the day with bunting and balloons, a trip to the Discovery Center to see a real TRex skeleton, his favourite dinner - pesto pasta, a digger cake and some skype calls from little friends on the other side of the world. He was also lucky enough to get to pick his own presents from family in Australia, he b-lined for Paw Patrol section and couldn't be happier.

Life has turned a full 180 for him. He started the year in Australia, with sunshine and routine and all he knew and loved, and has ended it with snow and new experiences and an understanding of how big the world really is - three planes around in fact. The weather never phases him, though he has taken up standing right by the heater, soaking in the heat just like his mum. He has learnt to put on all of his snow gear by himself and is the first to want to head out and build a snowman or shovel. It's fun to watch him flick snow all over the place and eat it as he works. We like spotting things that are different here, like all the Canadian flags, or deer that wander into the yard but our favourite is the little squirrels darting about.

It sure has been a big year. When I looked back at pictures of him I'm amazed at how much he has grown. He is tall and strong, with lean muscles and a physique in the absolute imagine of his dad. He can run fast, swim like a fish and always wants to demonstrate his strength helping me in with groceries or lifting something that doesn't need lifting! Finley has also started learning to ride a bike which he is very excited about. His hair has kept it's ginger tinge and his eyes are a mysterious mix of green and grey. He knows how to work us and has a little sneaky twinkle in his eye that gives him away. He has a real independent spirit. He has his own ideas about how things should be but also loves to learn. Recently he learnt that he has a brain inside his head and will now say things like 'but my brain really wants to!' He has loved learning to read and do basic maths through an online program we have and is excited for when he can read his own stories. I'll come across him pretending to read all the time now. He is also writing his name and some other letters and numbers.

Finley is very industrious. He still loves playing with his trains and is learning to build huge and exciting tracks. He has learnt to fold his own washing and wash dishes (It must sound like I have my very own 'helper'! To be honest I can't wait til I really can start delegating some of the work out). Primrose is absolutely in love with her big brother. She lights up when she sees him and loves when he plays games with her and makes her laugh. Every morning Finley climbs into her cot and they chat and play games until the screaming for mum begins. The two of them are so funny together and I love watching their love for one another. Finley has taken a little girl, Tayla, at preschool under his wing as his Primrose substitute. He puts this little girl down for her naps and tell me he protects her from the other children!

We have loved watching Finley grow this past year. A great highlight has been seeing him thrive in the Primary program at church. He takes learning the songs and being picked to say prayers very seriously and it's been beautiful to see. We have a really special child in our care. He has a tender heart, he gets really effected by sad stories or making people unhappy. He really is his own special little soul and we love him so.

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