It's Fun to be One

Our sweet Rose turned one yesterday. She was none the wiser to the occasion but she did love the singing, balloons and extra attention that we all showered on her. We started the day with one of her favourites, pancakes and strawberries and then went for a walk to check out if we can swim in our lake yet – a yes from Finley, who went straight in but a no from the rest of us who sat and watched on. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with temperatures rising to 27 degrees (which feels really hot to us now that we are Canadians). It was a great day to be outside and Primrose spent lots of it practising her stair skills on the deck, digging in the dirt, playing on the trampoline and eating flowers – a new favourite activity of hers. If this girl is free to explore and can take breaks for snacks, she is very content.

Fit for a Prim


I love creating my childrens' bedrooms. I remember when I was a little girl how much pride I took in my little space, I loved to line up my favourite things, stick things on the walls and sketch out how I would move furniture and make my perfect room. I took so much joy from glow in the dark stars on the roof, getting to have my own fish in my room and I can very clearly remember when my parents painted my room blue for me and hung up a princess canopy over my bed. I really loved my room! I even got to live in there with my husband for 18 months, but that's a story for another post! So maybe it is the nostalgia of my own childhood room that gives me to the desire to create beautiful spaces for my own children. To give them a little of the magic that I felt.

Mexican Ship in Harbour

Last week a Mexican tall shipped docked in the Halifax Harbour and we got to go aboard! We went after church as it was the last opportunity we had before it left for the next leg of it's journey. I think we caused as much stir as the ship it's self, I'm not sure if the Haligonians aren't use to seeing people dressed up, or if they thought we were celebrities but we attracted lots of looks and attention - it was a bit weird! Anyway the Ship was incredible, so beautiful, clean and well maintained. They had Mexican music playing and the crew looking incredible in their finery. The kids and I went again the next day to see the ship off and the crew climbed the masts, standing regally as the ship took off, it was very cool to see. My friend Blanche was with us, she is Mexican and it was beautiful to see her pride for her country and the beautiful display they put on.