Fit for a Prim


I love creating my childrens' bedrooms. I remember when I was a little girl how much pride I took in my little space, I loved to line up my favourite things, stick things on the walls and sketch out how I would move furniture and make my perfect room. I took so much joy from glow in the dark stars on the roof, getting to have my own fish in my room and I can very clearly remember when my parents painted my room blue for me and hung up a princess canopy over my bed. I really loved my room! I even got to live in there with my husband for 18 months, but that's a story for another post! So maybe it is the nostalgia of my own childhood room that gives me to the desire to create beautiful spaces for my own children. To give them a little of the magic that I felt.

Creating this room for Prim was an absolute joy, it's amazing what you can create with a sweet idea, a bit of time and perusing the internet. I hand made the cloud mobile, change table blanket and rainbow garland and Levi built and painted the cloud shelf. We used the rug from Finley’s nursery and I gradually gathered other rainbow related items over the past year. It's fun and whimsical just like her and every morning when she wakes up we walk around and look at something new. She has wide eyes and looks in wonder, scheming as to how she can get it all down into her clutches!

Primrose is a wonderful sleeper (now) and she really enjoys going to bed. From when she was a tiny baby she preferred to sleep on her tummy, and even now, she will roll over, bottom in the air, insert her two sucking fingers (just like her brother!) and drift off. My love for my children is definitely the most intense when I see them sleeping. I'm really flooded with the magnitude of what I feel for them as I look at their relaxed little bodies and realise what a great privaledge it is that they are mine. 


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