Mexican Ship in Harbour

Last week a Mexican tall shipped docked in the Halifax Harbour and we got to go aboard! We went after church as it was the last opportunity we had before it left for the next leg of it's journey. I think we caused as much stir as the ship it's self, I'm not sure if the Haligonians aren't use to seeing people dressed up, or if they thought we were celebrities but we attracted lots of looks and attention - it was a bit weird! Anyway the Ship was incredible, so beautiful, clean and well maintained. They had Mexican music playing and the crew looking incredible in their finery. The kids and I went again the next day to see the ship off and the crew climbed the masts, standing regally as the ship took off, it was very cool to see. My friend Blanche was with us, she is Mexican and it was beautiful to see her pride for her country and the beautiful display they put on.

Lots of cool things like this happen in Halifax and add to how excited we are to live here and experience this beautiful part of the world. The Maritime may be asleep for 6 months of the year, but when they wake up they really wake up!


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