Cattons and the Lokers Take Nova Scotia!

There's nothing like having friends like the Lokers! We have managed to maintain a 13 year relationship over the seas and far away from one another, so it is an amazing thing to be only a two hour flight away now. With summer fast approaching the Lokers decided to visit us in Halifax for 10 days and the planning begun. We decided to spent half of the time in Cape Breton, the north part of Nova Scotia and the rest in Halifax and enjoying home and the Lake. 

A Hike on your Birthday

How fast the years past. I can hardly believe both Levi and I are in our 30's now. Not that either of us has any problem with getting older. Levi, being the old soul that he is, actually often has said he feels like he is nearing his 'true age'. But time does pass and this June Levi turned 35.