A Hike on your Birthday

How fast the years past. I can hardly believe both Levi and I are in our 30's now. Not that either of us has any problem with getting older. Levi, being the old soul that he is, actually often has said he feels like he is nearing his 'true age'. But time does pass and this June Levi turned 35. 

A few birthdays ago he had given me a gourmet dessert book, no doubt in the hopes I would make him something from it, and this year I finally did. This recipe book has desserts with no less than 6 components and the one I chose to attempt for Levi was the 'Ginger Megs'. Luckily I was able to enlist the help of one of Levi's colleagues wives, Betsy who is a french patisserie chef! I kid you not, I had a whole day learning skills from someone who really knew what they were doing! What I discovered is, that once you see something in action, not just written on a page, it all starts to make sense. Levi was very impressed and said he could live of this dessert alone - tick of approval. 

This year as part of Levi's gift I organised our great friends Jack and Deborah to mind the kids for the day so that we could go on one of the must do hikes of Nova Scotia - Cape Split. We set off, just as we would on an Australia hike through the bush, with hats and sunscreen only to find that for the most part we were in quite thick, cool forest. It was beautiful to really take time and look at the different foliage. One of the things I love in Canada is that many of the leaves let through light and create a beautiful shimmering effect on the trees. It's not until right at the end of the hike that you emerge from the trees into a clearing that literally leads you straight off a cliff. It is quite the sight to behold. Out on one of the rocks hundreds of seagulls were nesting and gliding on the high winds. This point, Cape Split affords a great view of the Bay of Fundy - which has the fastest tides in the world. After taking in the breathtaking views and having some lunch we walked the 8km's back to the car. It was an awesome way to spend a day and celebrate my wonderful husbands birthday. All his hard work is the reason we can be here, exploring such a beautiful part of the world. I love you Levi xx

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