Peter and Potter { England Part 3 }

The third and final stop of our grand England tour was the Lakes District. The landscape began to change as we travelled north, water appeared, lakes and inlets with hills on either side, so different from the Peaks but with the same vibrant green and views full of character. 

Our accommodation was right up the street from Beatrix Potter's house with a beautiful view right over Esthwaite Water. The grounds were lovely and we spent some time having fun on their playground before heading into the local village Hawkshead. The village is beautifully kept and lively with Peter Rabbit and all of his friends peeking out of every shop window. The buildings are all white with black trim and the cobblestone streets lead you to treasures down every lane and around every bend. We stoked up on food for the night and headed home to enjoy and evening of reading and rest. 

Untamed Beauty of the Peaks { England Part 2 }

Wow. England is truly beautiful. And the Peaks District is a sight to behold. We left London after a glorious three days of city living and drove 3 hours north to the Peaks, all hills with fields of green boarded by stone walls as far as the eye can see. The green is vibrant, the roads are extremely narrow and the life is quaint and picturesque. 

House numbers aren't really a thing here, it's more of a 'go up the hill, turn at the tree and you won't miss it' style of locating things, so after some back and forth and the spotting of a fallen sign we located our accommodation at Cressbrook Hall, nestled among the most beautiful rolling hills dotted with sheep. We stayed in a lovely cottage on the property and spent that first afternoon exploring the grounds before heading out for a true English Pub meal. The White Lion in Buxton was all we had hoped for, with a roast and Yorkshire Puddings we couldn't be happier. 

To London to Visit the Queen { England Part 1 }

We felt a little crazy to be skipping off to England for 10 days with small children BUT being Australian and knowing the horror that is 25 hour long flights, a 6 hour direct flight felt like an opportunity too good to miss. And it was good. How I love London. I came to London as a 20 year old and crammed my days full of the sites. This time was very different, the kids force you to slow down and with the slower pace we had some of our most memorable experiences.