Apple of my Pie

Apple picking feels like a Nova Scotia rite of passage. There are apples galore here, u-picks all over the place and lots of apples trees just along the side of the road. One cool thing I saw this year was that once winter comes, any apples that don't get picked or fall off the tree look like ornaments perched up in the branches - very cool, and yes at first I thought people had literally put ornaments up in the tree : ).

Unimpressed Children and Leaves

Fall in Nova Scotia is truly breathtaking. The seasons are a magical thing to experience and fall has to be my favourite. We only caught the tail end when we arrived last year so I waited with baited breath for this years show and it did not disappoint. Magical colours everywhere. What better backdrop to capture my beautiful children, against their will... well they started out pleased to be there but a few minutes in they were over it. I suppose they aren't being paid so I can't complain. So I give you 'Unimpressed Children and Leaves' by Jade Catton.

Pass the Pretzels

Blanche is brilliant. She should be known as Blanche THE Brilliant. One of the many reasons I love her is her commitment to throwing a party, an authentic detail unthought of, no store unsearched, no hours unworked to create the real deal. I was lucky enough to attend the fourth and final Nova Scotia Oktoberfest party, which has legend status for authentic German food (handmade mind you by Blanche herself) and Blanche getting fairly drunk with 100% of the guests present being mormon - what a combo! This year did not disappoint. My favourites were the pretzels and fries. I bow down to you Blanche, queen of throwing a party xx

Blueberry Heaven

The seasons give rhythm to life in Nova Scotia. In the winter you nestle down into life at home, catching up on projects and enjoying the warm fire while snow falls out your window. Spring brings rain and flowers and you and the world feel renewed and fresh. In summer you catch every ray of sunshine that falls, making the most of the magic and then fall comes with it's fresh evenings and changing colours.