Apple of my Pie

Apple picking feels like a Nova Scotia rite of passage. There are apples galore here, u-picks all over the place and lots of apples trees just along the side of the road. One cool thing I saw this year was that once winter comes, any apples that don't get picked or fall off the tree look like ornaments perched up in the branches - very cool, and yes at first I thought people had literally put ornaments up in the tree : ).

For our first apple picking experience we went to Noggins Farm in the Valley and picked a huge bag of Cortland apples (our new favourite). There was definitely a sweet Fall chill in the air and we enjoyed the hayride and eating apples to our hearts content as we picked. 
Many apples were eaten straight and quite a few made it into Levi's delicious Award-Winning* pies. Harvest and all the beautiful fruit that comes with it is definitely a highlight of our maritime life. 

*(Newcastle Stake Pie Competition 2014)  


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