Blueberry Heaven

The seasons give rhythm to life in Nova Scotia. In the winter you nestle down into life at home, catching up on projects and enjoying the warm fire while snow falls out your window. Spring brings rain and flowers and you and the world feel renewed and fresh. In summer you catch every ray of sunshine that falls, making the most of the magic and then fall comes with it's fresh evenings and changing colours.

The 'harvest' really means something here. Each in it's season. Nova Scotia has strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins and corn all for the picking. But you only have small windows in which to experience the fun and this year so far we only made it for the blueberries.

One weekend I was determined to go blueberry picking (having been disappointed to have missed out on raspberries) so one Saturday we set off in the direction of the Valley...or so we thought. After half an hour driving in the wrong direction and realising our mistake, we took a back road that cut across to where we needed to be. However on the way we found a magic blueberry farm, ripe with blueberries and only $2 a pound. We could hardly believe our luck. Levi has been telling me alot lately that he feels as though, sometimes when things go wrong, it's really just Heavenly Father facing you in the right direction. And I know it's small but it felt like it with this blueberry farm. We never would have found it because it isn't online and it's only 35 minutes from our house, with cheap and easy picking that I can take the kids to myself during the week. We picked 10 pounds that first visit and the same again a week later when I came with the kids and my friend Deborah again. It was blueberries by the handful at our house for 2 weeks and we loved it!


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