Home Sweet Home { Return to Oz }

My trip to Australia was a whirlwind of family and friendship, sunshine and surf, love and memories. It made me homesick for the very place that I was, grateful for my culture, my heritage,  my birthplace and thankful that it will always be home, that I can always go back and find comfort and confidence in my roots. It also made me appreciate my new home too. It's easy to think that the grass is greener at home when you have conflict with the new culture you are assimilating too. But the clarity I had was of the ways that Canada has shaped me for the better, the changes in who I am because of this new and wonderful culture and excitement for all that is to come in our time here.

Off to Market we Go { Return to Oz }

What I wanted most when I returned home to Oz was time with my family. It's what I miss most about living abroad and what I pine for in the hard moments. It's likely that no amount of time would ever be enough but my heart certainly got a good dose.

Friends for Life { Return to Oz }

To us, Nelson Bay is heaven in earth. Just a quiet town with water all around, picturesque beaches and a pace that whispers .. it's okay, just slow down. We were very happy there for the five beautiful years we called it home. Part of what made it so wonderful for me was the beautiful friendships that I formed. Mainly through Finley. He was my ticket to meeting some of the most wonderful women I have ever known and forming some forever bonds. He too was lucky enough to find his own little tribe. It was so sweet watching him reacquaint himself with his little buddies, they all really have a wonderful affection for one another. They did see each other most days for three years running, so the bond is most definitely there. 

Fun in the Sun { Return to Oz }

We all definitely got a good dose of vitamin D while we were home. The sun shone almost every day and the days that didn't, the rain came down hard and furious, just like in my nostalgic dreams. Nova Scotia rain sets in and drizzles, in a whole year we only heard thunder once and I can't remember even one time that it beat down so you could feel it. The familiarly of that sun and rain was like putting on an old worn jumper (but it my case more like taking it off!) and I felt like my old self, though noticeably changed too by the past year. 

Cousin Connection { Return to Oz }

One of the best parts of my trip home was seeing my children reconnect with their cousins. Finley remembered them all well and quickly returned to the fun and games, especially with Tristan and Hendrix. Primrose however was only a tiny 5 month old baby when we left, so really this was everyone first encounter with our little miss. She was besotted by them all and fell in love quickly. Her and Tristan formed a beautiful little bond and Cierra and Taylor were the perfect, dotting, fun cousin/aunties I hoped (just like Naomi was to me). Bindi the dog soon became as dear as a cousin too!