Cousin Connection { Return to Oz }

One of the best parts of my trip home was seeing my children reconnect with their cousins. Finley remembered them all well and quickly returned to the fun and games, especially with Tristan and Hendrix. Primrose however was only a tiny 5 month old baby when we left, so really this was everyone first encounter with our little miss. She was besotted by them all and fell in love quickly. Her and Tristan formed a beautiful little bond and Cierra and Taylor were the perfect, dotting, fun cousin/aunties I hoped (just like Naomi was to me). Bindi the dog soon became as dear as a cousin too!

It's hard to not have this as part of our regular life. I loved watching the kids take over their Grandparents house like it's their own stomping ground, I loved seeing them create games and get into mischief together thinking we were none the wiser. I loved how they learn from one another and look out for each other.

Til next time wonderful cousins.

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