Friends for Life { Return to Oz }

To us, Nelson Bay is heaven in earth. Just a quiet town with water all around, picturesque beaches and a pace that whispers .. it's okay, just slow down. We were very happy there for the five beautiful years we called it home. Part of what made it so wonderful for me was the beautiful friendships that I formed. Mainly through Finley. He was my ticket to meeting some of the most wonderful women I have ever known and forming some forever bonds. He too was lucky enough to find his own little tribe. It was so sweet watching him reacquaint himself with his little buddies, they all really have a wonderful affection for one another. They did see each other most days for three years running, so the bond is most definitely there. 

Primrose and Scout knew each other for longer as pregnant bellies than they did out in the real world but while I was there the little buds of friendship started to form and grow. It was so nice to slip into the old routine with them all - beach, pram walks, mainly music, kmart shopping and getting together with the girls. It sure is a sweet life. 

Finley also reconnected with his brother from another mother Ezra who despite the age gap he adores. And I got to spend the weekend at the Hammerl's in Buladelah, my favourite place to lounge on the deck, take in the sounds of the Australian bush and reconnect with my kindred spirit Nicky. It happened to be extremely hot while we were there so we spent one glorious afternoon at the local pool which was blissful especially considering how much I hate Canadian pools, weird but true! 

I also got a much needed afternoon with Val which was exactly what I dreamed of, familiar and comfortable and full of chatter and fun. Being back at church in the branch was so great and then an afternoon with the Smiths made the journey complete.  

Friends are good for the soul. 

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