Fit for the Town Square { Christmas 2016 }

I have always longed for, dreamed of, imagined having a huge Christmas tree. When we bought an artificial one in Australia I was adamant I have one that touched the roof. So obviously when I move to Canada, the land of Christmas trees and I have myself a landing with a cathedral ceiling I am going to make my own dreams come true, right? Yes, that is the correct answer.

As part of our December Christmas activities we headed to Lunenburg, Christmas Tree Capital of the World (literally, a sign says it) to cut down our very own tree. We had vaguely discussed what size we would get though we weren't very specific with one another. Levi had thought that I wanted it to touch the roof, I thought I had told him I wanted the star framed by the arch all of the excitement of a hayride and weaving in and out of trees looking for the perfect one, I asked the workers where a 12 foot tree might be (having been previously told by a friend that was about the right size...) and they showed us a beauty. It looked pretty giant to me, the yard stick confirmed that, I wasn't totally sure but swept up in the excitement we proclaim the perfect tree found and next minutes chainsaws were going and it was all ours...

It didn't look all that giant til we actually got it in the house. Levi had to construct a pulley system to get it up the stairs and when it was up in all it's glory it was quite literally shocking... but beautifully shocking. Levi was gone most of the next week on business so I spent a lot of time with said tree. I lighted her up, decorated her from top to bottom perched on the edge of a ladder. By the time Levi got home to put the star on top, she really didn't look giant at all. Just perfect in fact.For the month she was with us, she was loved, adorned and adored. Finley cried and cried when it was time for her to go. Thank you beautiful tree! 


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