Off to Market we Go { Return to Oz }

What I wanted most when I returned home to Oz was time with my family. It's what I miss most about living abroad and what I pine for in the hard moments. It's likely that no amount of time would ever be enough but my heart certainly got a good dose.

On one particularly beautiful Saturday morning Mum, Courtney and I ventured to 'The Grounds' in Alexandria (hat off to Dad who was always so willing to have the kids for me). Sydney sure does Saturday mornings well. The food was amazing, photo worthy and even tastier than it looks. This place is impressively thoughtful, with beauty to fill the senses at every turn. It's what you wish you had for a local haunt and really you could spend all day just being ... there.
A day with my Mum and Sister is a happy day. There aren't many people in the world who really truly know me and love me for it, but these two do and I couldn't wish for more than that. 

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