Fun in the Sun { Return to Oz }

We all definitely got a good dose of vitamin D while we were home. The sun shone almost every day and the days that didn't, the rain came down hard and furious, just like in my nostalgic dreams. Nova Scotia rain sets in and drizzles, in a whole year we only heard thunder once and I can't remember even one time that it beat down so you could feel it. The familiarly of that sun and rain was like putting on an old worn jumper (but it my case more like taking it off!) and I felt like my old self, though noticeably changed too by the past year. 

The kids and I loved being in the water. We went to the pool a few times and the beach in Sydney, Queensland and Port Stephens. Diving into that salt water and having the sun beat down on my back was heaven and I savoured the moments, catching them in my minds eye so I could remember them in the winter to come. We ate icecream and patted Kangaroo's and Koalas. We went to old familiar places and played and had fun with grandma and grandpa and friends from all over. 

It's nice to know that home is there and will always be. There is so much security in that. It feels wonderful to be adventuring, learning another land and it's secret treasures. Nova Scotia is a place I have read about and thought I understood but being here adds so much meaning, things are real to me now and that experience is priceless. It changes you, adds layers to you. I'll forever be different. At my core though I am and always will be an Aussie girl - salt, sand and sun loving. 

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