Snow = Fun

We had a big snowfall this past week. Levi was away for most of it so the shoveling and hard work was left to me, missionaries and our friend Josh who came and saved the day. Along with the hard work they made this little snow cave for the kids which they loved and went through over and over and over again. Once Levi was back we turned the front snow mound into a little toboggan hill and all had great fun going down and falling off. 

The snow really can be great fun if you aren't freezing and the sun in shining. Primrose has learnt that keeping her mittens on really is in her best interest and Finley is at one with the climate and can happily play out there for hours at a time. 

I wouldn't say that I love the snow but I don't mind shovelling and I sort of marvel at the experience of living, working and playing in it. I think Levi and I feel like we are quiet observers, visitors; watching, assimilating, participating but never really believing it is a fixed part of our reality, which it most likely isn't. For now, we get to experience it all and one day we we look back, smile and laugh at all our fun and fuss in the snow. 

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