Two Reunions and a Wedding { Utah }

One of the huge blessings of being in Nova Scotia is our proximity to the states and in our time here thus far I've been really lucky to take a few trips to see old friends and attend events I would have otherwise missed. This was the case with Utah. My cousin Tiana was having her American wedding reception and the stars aligned (ie. I have an amazing husband who supports such ideas) for me to take a weekend from my life in Nova Scotia and attend on my own. This was also an opportunity to see my first and most beloved missionary companion Paige Wilson, who I haven't seen for 10 years. I was beyond excited to see her and it was if no time had passed between us. 

Princess Prim, Queen of the Trolls, Turns Two

Our sweet girl turned two this week and to celebrate we had a little party, Troll style - all tulle and rainbows. Primrose woke from her afternoon nap to find some of her favourite little buddies and her most admiring adults all in wait for the birthday girl. In true nature she was just thrilled to have them all there and keen to get into the fun. She had her dress on that I made for the occasion and eagerly put her troll headband on. She is such a happy girl. Seeing her face when her little cake come out was incredible, she was genuinely amazed by the whole process and loving every second of it. She loved the cake, a sugar tooth on this one for sure and then was straight into the presents. We gave her a doll and pram and one of those disappearing milk bottles which she loved but the immediate favourite was a light up wand from her pal Easton. She played the rest of the afternoon away, with breaks for snacks in between, and could be heard to say 'Happy Day', in lieu of 'Happy Birthday' all the day long. 

Finley takes the Blue Nose

The Blue Nose Marathon is a Nova Scotia pass time. It feels like everyone is there! It's the first event that really says, 'Winter is over, you can come outside now'. And that's the type of thing we all really need. This year we signed up to take Finley on the 2km course. He did a little training but was unsure of what to expect as up to this point he had thought he was the best runner in the world and nothing short of coming first would do. His eyes were definitely opened by the masses of people participating and not being quite sure of the distance, he wasn't really feeling it. The assurance of a medal at the end propelled him along and as quick as it had begun it as over and we all felt victorious medals in hand.