Princess Prim, Queen of the Trolls, Turns Two

Our sweet girl turned two this week and to celebrate we had a little party, Troll style - all tulle and rainbows. Primrose woke from her afternoon nap to find some of her favourite little buddies and her most admiring adults all in wait for the birthday girl. In true nature she was just thrilled to have them all there and keen to get into the fun. She had her dress on that I made for the occasion and eagerly put her troll headband on. She is such a happy girl. Seeing her face when her little cake come out was incredible, she was genuinely amazed by the whole process and loving every second of it. She loved the cake, a sugar tooth on this one for sure and then was straight into the presents. We gave her a doll and pram and one of those disappearing milk bottles which she loved but the immediate favourite was a light up wand from her pal Easton. She played the rest of the afternoon away, with breaks for snacks in between, and could be heard to say 'Happy Day', in lieu of 'Happy Birthday' all the day long. 

My heart swells to think of how to describe my girl. She is an absolute joy to be around, she quite literally brings happiness with her every where she goes. She is affectionate, loving and most of all caring. She knows when you are sad and pats and cuddles you in her efforts to make all well again. This is best seen in her interactions with Finley. She loves him so so much. She is his little shadow and his truest friend, only rarely does she enforce her will over his (we did see it with her pram - she knew that was hers!) but instead lets him lead with all the admiration of a little sister.

Primrose is independent and adventurous to the core. She is happy to roam about and meet new people. She is just starting to get a really good grip on language. She is mimicking everything we say and my favourite part is the Australian inflections! She can sing the alphabet, skipping over some of the more difficult letters and loves to say 'Mummy?' or 'Daddy?' with a question inflection, wait for us to respond 'yes, Primrose?' and then carry on in gibberish with her own response. 

She also loves to read and find her weekly favourite. This week is the book 'Baby Animals' which she particularly likes because she can say it by name. She is a wonderful sleeper and will happily stay in her bed singing away even after waking up. She is a great eater if it's the food she likes - cream cheese bagel, fruit, animal crackers, yogurt, and her favourite games are anything involving running, swinging, jumping and Finley. Dolly remains her constant companion and my third child. We have a backup dolly to avoid any lost dolly catastrophes! Her love for Dolly is deep. 

I absolutely adore my girl. I love to be with her and she is a true light in our little family. I couldn't have dreamed up my sweet Primrose. We loved celebrating her and her 'Happy Day'. 

Note the attempt of the Siamese Trolls! 

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