Tall Ships and Markets { Mum & Dad Visit }

Mum and Dad came in the perfect year. The stars aligned on lots of great events and sites with the 150th Anniversary of Canada including the Tall Ships Festival which only comes to Halifax once every four years. Our first experience seeing them was in Halifax and then later we saw a few again in Louisbourg on our weekend visit up there.

Splendors of the Valley

The Annapolis Valley is one of the true gems of Nova Scotia. It hugs the Bay of Fundy and right along it there are beautiful sites to see and awesome things to do. I have been lucky enough (as tour guide) to see so much of it. Levi and I have hiked the Cape Split Trail, we have camped with the Quists at Blomidon, we have discovered the best pasta outside of Italy at an unsuspecting little eatery and we have apple and berry picked the finest. 

Otters and Reindeer and Moose, Oh My

One of our little summer adventures took us to the Shubenacadie Wildlife in search of their moose, Sable Island horses and Shubenacadie Steve, their resident groundhog. We had a beautiful day and a lovely roam around discovering all sorts of fun and wonderful creatures. Steve wasn't coming out of his hole, nor would the moose stand up! But we found our favourites in the dear, the white wolves and especially the otters which were so playful and fun to watch. We even got to see a reindeer which was a real highlight and some very sleepy bears.

Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia

I'm writing this entry months after Mum and Dad have left and returned home but I'm putting it at the beginning of my posts on their visit because the pictures and the thoughts really symbolize just how anticipated their visit was. We could not wait for them to arrive and when they did we had such a fantastic time together. We did and saw so much and in between we had experiences that bought us all together. There really is nothing like having the people you love with you. 

{ Memories } Heaven on Earth

These pictures evoke the most beautiful memories. HAPPINESS. I don't think our hearts will ever truly leave the sleepy town of Port Stephens. It was chance really that we ended up there in the first place and discovered that life in the slow lane is really living. It totally changed us and impacts how we live our life now, even though we are so far away.